Welcome to ErgoS Human Factors Engineering

ErgoS Human Factors Engineering integrates expertise into design and engineering projects. Many years of experience in Human Factors Engineering and up-to-date know-how enable us to find prompt and fitting answers to ergonomic questions. Our expertise concerns control centre design, maritime ergonomics, software ergonomics, airport ergonomics, and workload (see our theme sites), as well as manufacturing and health care.

Human Factors Engineering

The aim of Human Factors Engineering (HFE) is to optimise the work system, including job design, workload, layout, workplace layout, instrumentation, information display, and environment. Human Factors Professionals rely on structured analyses of work situations and systematic user participation in HFE-projects. This provides insight into the relationships between human factors and aspects such as workload, job design and workplaces. ErgoS fills the gap between engineering disciplines and users.

Project News

  • Van Oord marine contractor has high ambitions for an innovative new fallpipe vessel “Bravenes”. ErgoS covers all Human Factors design issues, such as bridge shape design, operator consoles, ECR and excavator cabins. Also we design the interior, including cabins, lounge, galley and mess.
  • Anthony Veder is building a new LNG tanker. ErgoS has been contracted to design the bridge, ECR, cargo control room and crew accommodation.
  • Change management project for control room centralisation at Sonneborn, including control room redesign, graphics design and a structural user participation process.
  • Huisman Equipment invited ErgoS to evaluate the operating concept of Driller’s Cabins and develop a new and innovative Driller’s Cabin, including the User Interfaces of  the operating systems.
  • HF Validation and verification of a Refinery Control Room Design for Günkon, Izmir – Turkey.
  • Published research: Human Factors Guidelines for CCTV-system design. In-company workshops on CCTV-guidelines now available. More information.
  • Development of general HMI UX-guidelines at Vopak.
  • Interaction design and Style Guide development for process control in gas transport, Gasunie Transport Services.
  • FrieslandCampina Beilen started a large production automation project. A team of ErgoS HF professionals is engaged in control room design, graphics redesign and the development and implementation of alarm management.